The most delicious coffee machine beans, where do you find them exactly?

Most people love coffee. They really like to start their day relaxed with a fresh cup of coffee. This ensures that they gradually wake up from their sleep and can start the day with fresh courage. Most people have one brand of coffee beans that they buy frequently. They do not dare to experiment with coffee beans, because coffee is a fairly expensive product and a bad purchase is easily made.

In this article, we discuss the tastiest coffee machine beans and inspire you to make a choice that suits you. And by coffee machine beans we mean coffee beans that are most suitable in a fully automatic machine with bean grinder, or bean-to-cup machine.
Who knows, you might find a new favorite flavor! Are you curious about all the different types of coffee beans? Then read on quickly!

Coffee: the one and only energy booster

Nothing is better than starting your day in the morning with a delicious cup of coffee. Coffee is very good for your body and mind. There are several reasons for this. First, from a scientific point of view, coffee is healthy for you. Coffee seems to significantly reduce the risk of serious illnesses. Coffee also makes you sharper. The caffeine improves your general cognitive functions. A great advantage if you have a long day!

Coffee also gives your stamina a good boost. The adrenaline in your body is increased and you can therefore continue exercising for longer. Coffee also contains important vitamins that keep your immune system up. Vitamins B2 and B5 are essential for a healthy body, and luckily both of these vitamins are found in large amounts in coffee.

Coffee is the ideal way to get these vitamins, because coffee is incredibly tasty and in itself also contains few calories. So you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee without feeling guilty about it. Provided you drink it black, of course.

Coffee also ensures that your intestines get going better. So if you often suffer from stomach aches, it may be a good idea to have a cup of coffee every day. Coffee is a natural medicine and ensures consistent bowel movements. Now that you know the benefits of coffee, we can make a choice between the best coffee machine beans.

Which types of coffee machine beans are recommended?

Coffee beans can vary enormously in taste. The flavor intensity of one type of coffee bean can be much higher than the other type.

Step 1: Espresso beans are a favorite.

Because of the dark roast of espresso blends, espresso beans are often the safest choice for a coffee machine. Although these beans also release a little more of the oils that naturally occur in the coffee bean (and so some manufacturers strangely enough do not advise espresso beans), we have long believed that espresso beans are the best beans for the coffee machine.

Step 2: Single Origin Espresso Beans

These coffee beans are of one type, for example Toradja Kalossi. But they are darker roasted than the "regular" Single Estates. As a result, these beans are also extremely suitable for the coffee machine. More pronounced in character than some espresso blends but very rewarding!

Step 3: Single Estates

Single Estates are often interesting for lovers of lighter and also distinct flavours. These are lighter roasted and you can taste the character of this coffee bean more: more fruity, or more caramel tones. Coffee is extremely versatile and complex in taste!

Which coffee bean do you choose?

If you like strong coffee, it is useful to take coffee beans that have a high flavor intensity. Single Estate beans usually have a more pronounced flavour. Too outspoken for some people. If you prefer a quieter start to your morning, then coffee beans with a mild flavor intensity are more suitable for you. In that case it is best to opt for an (espresso) blend.

The black gold is experienced differently by everyone, and everyone likes a different type of gold. It is therefore advisable to experiment with it. After all, this is how you find out which coffee flavors do well on your tongue and which makes your heart beat faster. A few types of coffee are briefly explained below so that you have a starting point for your coffee career and can be inspired.

Milano Espresso - No.1 Espresso Long
Milan Espresso

Our most popular espresso for years. A good middle of the road, but that doesn't make this coffee short. Full of flavour, a lot of body but very nicely balanced with a subtle freshness and rich aromas.

Arabica Espresso

A traditional blend. A bit milder, in terms of body, than the Milano Espresso, but certainly an accessible coffee.

Blend – Mocca Java

This type of coffee comes from a period when floral Sidamos and Yirgacheffe beans from Ethiopia were often mixed. When you combine it with Java beans from Indonesia, you get an interesting outcome.

In Mocca Java coffee you can taste flavors such as ripe fruit in combination with floral fresh notes and a hint of chocolate. That makes this coffee extremely suitable for use in a coffee machine. You can drink it as an espresso but also as a lungo.

Single Estate-Guatemala

The long fermentation creates a special taste picture full, rich and creamy and remarkably sweet in taste. This coffee naturally also has a lot of body and its sweetness makes it an interesting candidate for the coffee machine. It is a Farmers Direct coffee, which is purchased directly from the coffee farmer, so that he has a good yield for his product.

Single Estate - Ethiopia

If you are looking for traditional coffee, Single Estate Ethiopia is the place to be. These coffee beans are very famous and come from one of the oldest coffee regions in the world. The coffee has a very special smell that stimulates your nose in a positive way. The aromatic coffee has a delicious, floral aftertaste. Very nice to start your day with. This coffee bean also recently came under the Farmers Direct category.

Nijmegen Melange - Coffee Beans with Nijmegen Pit!
Nijmegen Blend

To conclude this list with delicious coffee beans for the machine, we have a blend that we have put together. It is a coffee with Nijmegen spice. The coffee is composed of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. We regularly receive positive reactions from lovers of this coffee.

Do you also feel like discovering all new coffee flavors and pouring all these beans into your coffee machine? If you really can't choose, you can also choose to purchase multiple packages and thus alternate the coffee types. If you feel quite tired one morning, you can, for example, choose a type of coffee with a higher flavor intensity.

This way you can absorb the caffeine properly and benefit from it later in the day. It prevents you from starting your day already exhausted. This usually does not bode well. A delicious cup of coffee makes you alert and you can get back to it. Enjoy your coffee and all the taste sensations!