Espresso Tonic

Espresso Tonic, in a glass with a sprig of rosemary, and a hand stirring the coffee with a stirrer

Fancy an exciting summer drink but no alcohol? It really doesn't have to be Spa Blue or regular soft drinks. This Espresso Tonic is pleasantly sweet and the bitterness of the Tonic fits perfectly with the powerful taste of espresso.

Recipe Espresso Tonic

  • Grab a nice glass and fill it with ice cubes.
  • Now fill the glass for about 2/3 with tonic (90ml)
  • Now make a shot of espresso and pour it slowly with the tonic (possibly over a spoon) so that a nice separation is created and the espresso remains at the top of the glass.
    You can also place the glass of tonic directly under the coffee maker, it will then form more 1 whole and a foam layer will arise.
  • Now garnish the glass as desired and enjoy your summer drink.

Our favorite isToradja Espresso with rosemary as a garnish.