Plant a tree with Regreener

Plant a tree

We have a big problem on this earth. There is too much CO2 in the air and the earth is warming up. That is not news but the problem is not solved yet.

The solution is technically relatively simple: CO2 in the air must be captured and captured. There are all kinds of technically innovative solutions. But there is one solution that is most natural: planting trees.

A growing tree removes CO2 from the air, turns it into building material for growth, and emits oxygen.

And while one tree won't make a difference, we believe that if everyone is aware of their own footprint and tries to reduce it, they can all make a difference together.

By planting trees we help reduce CO2 in the atmosphere and help reduce the greenhouse effect.

CO2 neutral roasted coffee - CNG

The roasting of our coffee is already CO2 neutral. We are very happy with that. The CO2 emissions required for the coffee are compensated.

In the shopping cart of our webshop you will now find a new option to plant a tree for only € 0.75. This gives you an extra push for the environment. This contribution goes to Regreener, a commercial initiative with one goal: planting trees.

25% of your contribution goes to running the organization of Regreener, the rest goes to trees in Kenya, Mozambique and Zambia.

And as a company we will try to double the commitment of all customers who donate to Regreener! Then together we contribute to a better planet. We report on the donations once a quarter in our newsletter. (You can register for the newsletter by checking the box when placing your order or by leaving your email address on our homepage .)

You can also donate yourself via Regreener via a personal plan.

If you want to know more about Regreener and how your donation is converted into trees, visit .

Photo by Aneta Foubíková from Burst