• Plant a tree with Regreener

    We have a big problem on this earth. There is too much CO2 in the air and the earth is warming up. That is not news but the problem is not solved...
  • Recipe: coffee cake with walnuts

    If you have a nut tree in your garden, you have a mountain of nuts every year that you can make all kinds of tasty things from. Well, I don't real...
  • Coffee and tea prices

    Due to the current crises, the price of coffee and tea has also risen. This won't be news to most people, but we think it's good to go into it. Th...
  • Espresso Tonic

    Fancy an exciting summer drink but no alcohol? It really doesn't have to be Spa Blue or regular soft drinks. This Espresso Tonic is pleasantly s...
  • Tea packaging refreshed

    Our tea packaging is provided with a new colorful label. The airtight packaging, in which the tea stays fresh for a long time, is preserved.
  • Espresso orange juice

    Fruity espresso? This is how your perfect summer day starts. You want coffee to wake up and a shot of vitamins. A little sugar also helps to ...
  • Van Hilst Coffee and Tea - Aroma coffee beans now also in small packages

    Our series of affordable coffee beans is now also available in smaller packaging. Previously we only had these per kilogram, now also in 250 or 5...
  • New Farmers Direct Coffee - Costa Rica

    New - and temporary - in our range is a special coffee from Costa Rica. A soft, full and fruity coffee from a small plantation. Pure nature Tu...
  • Brazilian coffee growers are suffering from drought

    Last year's extreme drought severely affected coffee production in Brazil. Coffee farmer Tiago Figueiredo is just keeping his head above water.

    An article in Trouw by Wies Ubags

  • Customer reviews

    How are customer reviews created? WebwinkelKeur monitors the independence and authenticity of customer reviews. Read more about it in this blog.
  • Jura Milk System Cleaner in a handy little dispenser

    Jura has discontinued the old liquid milk system cleaner. Instead, the new cleaner is in the form of tablets. These mini-tabs come in a handy dispenser.
  • Familiar coffee with a new look

    We have a new, aluminum-free packaging for our kilo bags of coffee. Recyclable and resealable! The new bags can be disposed of with the plastic waste.

    And to match we have a new layout for the label.

    What has remained is the coffee.