New Farmers Direct Coffee - Costa Rica

Finca Turriolka, Costa Rica

New - and temporary - in our range is a special coffee from Costa Rica. A soft, full and fruity coffee from a small plantation.

Pure nature

Turriolka plantation is located in the Turrialba region. Actually more of a nature reserve of 41 hectares with a large variety of wild animals and native plants. In that area there are about 14 ha of coffee bushes.

Experiments are being done in the garden with different coffee varieties and this coffee is therefore a cross (hybrid) between 2 types, Rume Sudan and Sarchimor. By deliberately crossing, plants become more resistant to, for example, leaf rust.

The special processing (natural) creates a wonderfully fruity coffee with a soft, creamy mouthfeel. With natural processing, the coffee kernel ferments in the flesh of the coffee cherry. This is in contrast to the "washed" method, in which the pulp is first removed from the coffee kernel. The interaction of the substances in the pulp with the coffee kernel influences the taste of the coffee bean.

Farmers Direct

This coffee comes directly from the coffee farmer. This means that there are as few intermediate links as possible in the chain between the coffee farmer and the consumer. This ensures that the coffee farmer can get paid more for his product and that a small plantation like this can therefore continue to exist.

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