Familiar coffee with a new look

Italian Espresso in new packaging We have a new, aluminum-free packaging for our kilo bags of coffee. Recyclable and resealable!

We have also given the labels a new look, making the whole look even more beautiful.

Quiet layout

The labels have a slightly different layout and our company logo and fonts have been slightly modified. The names of the coffees have remained almost the same, so that you can easily find what you are looking for.

The beautiful, quiet letters and clear layout make it easy to read what the characteristics of the coffee are.

trusted coffee

What has remained the same is of course the coffee. It is still just as tasty as you are used to.

We hope you like it as much as we do.


The new bags are made of a double layer of one type of material. This allows the bag to be completely processed into new plastic.


The "zipper" ensures that you can easily close the bag again, so that as little air as possible can reach the coffee beans.
We still use the old and new packaging together, until the white bags are also used up.

Other packaging

We still have stock of our smaller coffee packages, so we use them up first. After that, they will also be replaced by the resealable, aluminum-free bags.


Van Hilst Koffie en Thee has always been very involved with our environment. During the realization of our new building this year, we also opt for wood-frame construction and gasless. We have 18 solar panels. This means we generate more electricity than we consume and our company is energy neutral. We process used cardboard boxes into packaging material ourselves.

We have been looking for an environmentally friendly solution for our coffee packaging for some time now. That is quite difficult. Packaging must be strong and the coffee must have a long shelf life.

Step further

We are pleased that we have now started with recyclable kilo packaging. We would have liked to go a step further with compostable packaging, but unfortunately this is not yet suitable for our coffee. We have now found packaging that is recyclable. This can be processed with the plastic waste.