Customer reviews

The usefulness of reviews

From May 2022, a number of stricter rules will apply to online stores. These rules concern, among other things, the transparency of customer reviews.

Many webshops show customer reviews. We notice from our own experience that reviews on a website are pleasant to read because then you learn more about the reliability of a webshop, whether the customers are satisfied (or not). And sometimes you read how a complaint is handled and resolved (or not).

We also show reviews on our site and we would like to tell you more about them.

How are reviews created?

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A review is always without obligation . If it wasn't made voluntarily, it wouldn't be worth much either. We are therefore firmly against customers filling in a review against payment.

A review must soon be provided with an order number. In practice, this is already the case with us because an invitation for a review is only sent after a successful purchase. This invitation will be sent by email a few days after the order has been shipped.

After the review has been created, the writer is asked to verify his/her email address, so that the sender has also been verified.

Incidentally, we do not send an invitation with every order. We ourselves notice that we already receive a lot of mail and that will not be much different for our customers. The starting point is to send an invitation once per e-mail address, possibly with a repeat after 2 years.

Independent quality mark

Reviews on our website are created through an independent quality mark; WebwinkelKeur. This organization has a number of rules that we as a member must adhere to. This way, both positive and negative reviews are displayed.

If our disagreement with a customer leads to a dispute, the independent disputes committee of WebwinkelKeur can mediate to resolve the matter. Fortunately, that never happens, but it is good to have this certainty at hand. Good for us and good for the customer.

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